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Perfect Fit Blinds

Our Perfect Fit Blinds are a simple yet effective solution for adding ventilation, shade, and colour to homes fitted with UPVC tilt n turn windows, french doors and conservatories.

All standard designed window blinds require some fixing to surrounding window frames or walls. With UPVC window frames you are unable to drill or modify them as this would void your warranty.

Perfect Fit Blinds appeal to homeowners because they’re seated within their frames so eliminating the need for drilling holes and damaging surrounding fixtures.

Easy To Measure

The process for measuring these types of blinds is to measure the size of glass in the window and to compensate these measurements with the hardware such as handles that these blinds use.

Child Friendly

An added advantage of this type of blind is they don’t use cords but instead make use of handles or tabs. This makes them ideal for homes with children or used within nursery premises

Space Saving

If lack of space is an issue, then our Perfect Fit Blinds could be your ideal solution. These blinds fit tightly and become an integral part of your window and so don’t clutter up your window sills. This also gives a clean and unobstructed look to your windows.

Quick & Easy Maintenance

Removing these blinds is a simple operation. Simply un-clip them and withdraw them from their frames.

Better Light & Privacy Control

As these blinds fit snugly into their frames, this allows for a minimum gap between your window frame and the blinds, allowing less light and prying eyes to see into your rooms. These blinds are also ideal for Velux skylight windows and conservatories where lots of natural light enters.

Energy Saving

Perfect Fit Blinds will help you save on energy bills

Whether your looking for a stylish design for your lounge, blackout blinds for your bedrooms or moisture resistant blinds for your bathroom we have you covered

We stock Perfect Fit Blinds of every design and colour including Venetian, Pleated and Roller Blinds

Key Facts?

  • A discreet frame that clips between the beading and glazing of UPVC tilt n turn windows, french doors and conservatories.
  • Works with Pleated,Venetian, wood Venetian and roller blinds.
  • No drilling required, no free hanging cords.
  • Blinds become an integral part of the window.
  • Frames are avaliable all popular widow colours including white, brown,grey and brown.
  • Child safe as standard

How does it work?

Tab operation inside a discreet frame.

Cleaning: Wipe clean with a dry cloth

*****Child Safety Standard*****

Since 2014, all new blinds manufactured must be ‘safe by design’ and be supplied with child safety devices fitted as standard.
This means that any blinds made with pull cords or similar technology should have a safety device in place.

Experienced professional fitters install 1st Choice Blinds. All blinds with pull cords, chains or similar hardware are always supplied with a suitable safety device that will break under pressure or can be stored out of reach. Pull cords and chains are always supplied