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1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh

Blinds Edinburgh - Your 1st Choice!

Looking for the best place to buy window blinds Edinburgh? Well, look no further! 1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh really is the best supplier of high-quality blinds in Edinburgh, and all surrounding local areas. We are experts in the supply and installation of roller blinds, window blinds, vertical, and venetian blinds. We have been supplying the greater Edinburgh area for the last several years with high-quality blinds and made to measure blinds for cheap!

Child Safety Blinds Edinburgh

Child Safety Blinds

Not only does 1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh offer made to measure window blinds cheap (as well as our superior quality and fast fitting services) but we also ensure that all of our products comply with child safety regulations.

Best Shop In Edinburgh to Buy Good Quality Blinds Cheaply!

1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh guarantees that we have the best price in town. If you find prices better than ours in Edinburgh as well as all the other surrounding nearby areas, then tell us and we’ll lower our price to get you a better one! We offer free window blind quotes and detailed information on the best solutions for your situation. Please don’t hesitate to call us to find out how to get your new venetian, roller, roman, or vertical blinds today!

Is This Blinds Supplier Near Me?

1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh has been supplying blinds of the highest quality and offering blind fitting services to the Edinburgh and Fife area for several years. We offer the cheapest window blinds on the market and guarantee it!

We pride ourselves in offering great, local, blinds services in:

  • Edinburgh
  • Fife
  • Leith
  • Linlithgow
  • Livingston

When you meet us at 1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh you will find only  quality service from a local owned and operated business. 1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh is the top choice for all your blinds needs. Because we are nearby to the Edinburgh/Fife area, we can come around to measure your space in order to have your window blinds delivered and installed fast. You don’t need to wait weeks on end for a response like our competitors!

Coloured Blinds and How to Select Blinds in Edinburgh

1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh will help you find the right blinds for your window with our niche expertise. We can help you choose the right type of blinds, colour of blinds, and measure for the size of blinds that works for your home.

We know how important interior design is. A simple change of blinds and window coverings can change the entire look and feel of your room. In the times of COVID-19 and quarantine, how we feel in our own homes couldn’t be more important.

Our High-Quality Blind Services

Our high-quality blind services are unbeatable! Some of the features of our shop are:

  • Fast blinds installation.
  • Cheap and affordable window blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, etc.
  • Personalized and made to measure window blinds.
  • High-quality and never skimping on service.

If you’re located in Edinburgh, Fife, or the surrounding areas arranging a quote is simple! Contact us today to discuss your personalized blinds options at 0131 610 1690.

Family Owned

Not only is 1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh your first choice for locally owned business, it’s also family owned. We welcome you to our family when you buy your blinds from us. We have spent a long time creating our reputation for exceptional customer service and welcome you to our clan the minute you contact us to explore what we have to offer.

Blinds Edinburgh - Best Blinds and Customer Service

Our reputation at 1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh proceeds introductions when it comes to customer service. Our customers are constantly delighted with the services we offer including:

  • Our measuring services and initial contact.
  • Assistance in choosing the style of blinds.
  • Confirmation of your order.
  • The fitting of the blinds.
  • All of our aftercare and follow-up services.

Edinburgh Blinds for Businesses

1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh has completed challenging projects all over Edinburgh; from South Side to Haymarket and Darly we have satisfied clients who are living it up with their new blinds. Because we are a local business with deep roots in the Edinburgh community, we understand how to make your blinds not only fit in with your personal aesthetic, but also with the aesthetic of Edinburgh as a whole.

We’ve outfitted entire offices in the City Centre of Edinburgh with walls of windows with roller blinds to block out the morning light and give workers the shade they need to concentrate on their tasks. We’ve also helped design local restaurants in the South Side to help them achieve a cool, cosmopolitan modern look with sleek venetian blinds.

In the suburb of Leith, we have done loads of installations for customers with waterfront bistros, quirky pubs, and port businesses. Easy to clean blinds come in handy with the salty port air and the constant influx of customers, and we have found that PVC venetian blinds come in at a cheap price and great durability.

Custom Logo Blinds for Businesses

At 1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh we love creating custom logo blinds for your business. Over in Leith we have created several custom logo roller blinds for many businesses. Just take a walk down Constitution Street and we are sure you will see some of our satisfied customers proudly displaying our work.

Choosing to put a logo on your businesses blinds is the best way to cheaply maximize your company branding. Sometimes signage can be costly and there is always the risk of vandalism, with custom logo blinds your property is protected behind your window, but still able to market for you even when you’re off of work!

Especially if you’re located in the busy West End, having your business stand apart from all the others is of the utmost importance. Let us help you create a bright and inviting shopfront with a custom logo blinds package to draw in your potential customers and help your business grow.

New Haven, Bruntsfield and Morningside: Blinds for The Home

Our shop is located in the Granton neighbourhood, just north of Stockbridge. This residential area is teeming with our satisfied customers who came to us looking for an affordable solution to their need for blinds.

Many homes in the Bruntsfield and Morningside have beautiful sunrooms that require window treatments and blinds for those rare sunny northern days that are actually too bright! All those windows require coverings that are sleek, yet warm so as to not overpower the aesthetic with only blinds.

At 1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh we can help you to maintain privacy in a crowded street on the South Side with some simple roller blinds. Or we can help to outfit a huge sunroom with creative roman blinds in Fife. Whatever your needs are for window treatments we are confident that we can provide the solution you need at the cost you can afford.

1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh Offer A Wide Variety of Blinds and Great Choices

It’s not only the service that’s exceptional. You can get great quality craftsmanship and fabrics when you buy window blinds from 1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh.

There are literally hundreds of fabrics to choose from when you shop for your blinds with us. Whatever it is you’re looking for to spruce up your home, we can assure you that we have fabrics and styles to match. You may want dark, black vertical blinds for your bedroom to block the sunlight, or maybe light yet solid roman blinds to let in some light but preserve your privacy.

Our choices for window blinds range in:

  • Materials
  • Prints
  • Colours
  • Designs
  • Fittings

Ensuring that your space is clean and modern without you having to do a full refit is what we do best! Tell us what you want to feel and we can work with you to make it your reality.

Personalized Blinds


If you are looking for personalised blinds in Edinburgh or the local area, then of course 1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh can help. We make blinds for custom shapes and find solutions for abnormal window shapes and sizes. You choose your style and your fabric and leave all the hard work to us.

We’ll measure your window space and come up with blinds that will fit it amazingly. As a company, you might want to put your logo onto your blinds. Show us the logo, pick your colours, and we’ll get right to work making your customised blinds.

Edinburgh-based 1st Choice Blinds offers you the style of blinds that you desire at a price you need. We will collaborate alongside you to help navigate the aesthetic that you want at the price you need.

Come at us with your vision already focused, or ask for our experienced opinion, we’re here to ensure you get what you want and need!

Vertical blinds

In the home or the office, vertical blinds are a trendy and practical solution. You can take full ownership over the lighting in your space, in addition to how much privacy there is. Perfect for a corporate setting, we offer different types of vertical blinds which are:

  • Able to be wiped clean.
  • Made from PVC material.
  • Made from Teflon material.
  • Fire retardant to maximize your safety.
  • Easy to use!

Roller blinds

Easy installation and user friendliness make roller blinds in Edinburgh and Fife a top choice. With the ability to fit in most window sizes as well as a simple pulley system, you are able to have any degree of light shining in as you prefer.

Roller blinds are also a great choice for any business that wants to have their company logo displayed to the customers outside. They offer you a blank slate to showcase your design and maximise your ad space.

1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh are also the best place to by roller blinds for use in the home. You can choose a heavy, thick fabric to block out light and ensure an uninterrupted night’s sleep. If you desire to keep your privacy while maintaining all the natural light your house receives, then install roller blinds in your living room with a light, see through fabric.

Venetian blinds

Looking for clean and modern window blinds? Do you need a range of materials to decide with? Venetian blinds are the best option to give your space a stylish, clean, and modern look.

We offer venetian blinds in a variety of materials including:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • PVC

If you’re unsure of where the best place to put in venetian blinds is in your home, then our experts are happy to help point you in the right direction.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds give a tidy and great solution to your window blinds needs. Easily dubbed, the classy blinds solution, they can add shape and blend into any room with ease. The layered fabric can dance with the light over the course of the day and offer a fresh viewpoint of your room. The specific design and shape create an intriguing and luxurious feel, yet are still a very affordable option.

With a plethora of fittings, not limited to brass and chrome, you can be sure that these roman blinds will perfectly match the feeling of the environment you’re cultivating. There is even the option to add blackout lining to roman blinds in your bedrooms to ensure a great night’s sleep.

Perfect Fit blinds

Do you have UPVC doors or windows and think you can’t find blinds because of it? Guess again! Perfect Fit blinds are designed mesh well with the most oddly shaped doorways and window frames. There’s no drilling necessary so very little noise is made during the installation and your window frames are unharmed.

They are the ultimate answer for UPVC windows or for older windows that damage easily. Perfect Fit blinds are also cordless. These blinds open using handles or tabs making them extra child-safe and also easier to use for elder hands. 1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh can help you get your perfect fit blinds setup perfectly for you!

Commercial blinds

As a business owner, it’s imperative that you provide a healthy and safe working space for your team. Choose 1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh for safe and easy to clean blinds in your Edinburgh business. We can assess your office or manufacturing sit in order to help you choose the best solution for your unique space.

Safety and risk requirements are all taken into consideration ensuring that you are compliant with regulations and doing what is needed for your team. Your company logo may be added to roller blinds or roman blinds in order to maximize ad space and your team will still get the privacy necessary to complete their duties.

1st Choice Blinds Edinburgh For Blinds in Edinburgh and Other Nearby Locations

For commercial blinds or for kitchen at home, blinds have the capacity to change the whole aesthetic and feel of any space at a cost that’s affordable. Changing the movement of lighting in a space can change your whole lifestyle.

1st Choice Blinds is located in Edinburgh and ready to provide the perfect blinds at the price that works for you. Our outstanding customer service team will hold your hand every step of the way, from measuring to installation, and advice on maintaining those brand-new blinds.


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